The Board

Our Fearless Leaders:

President: Matt Bayan

As president of our non-profit corporation, Matt’s job is to preside over the Board, to help develop programs, to  manage the organization, and to develop contacts outside the organization to further our goals.

Matt’s the Bestselling Author of EAT FAT, BE HEALTHY: When a Low-Fat Diet Can Kill You – published by Simon & Schuster. Recent releases: TIME JUMPER, which Sci-Fi great, A.C. Crispin, called “a mindblowing fantasy thriller.” His murder mystery, THE FIRECRACKER KING, has garnered excellent reviews. His most recent release is BLAST RADIUS, a techno thriller that should appeal to fans of Tom Clancy or David Baldacci. His work spans fiction and non-fiction. Released recently: GUN 101: A Writer’s Guide To Firearms In Fiction. Matt is also a professional editor. To learn more about him and his books, please go to

If you have any questions about the organization, please email Matt at

Secretary: Troy Becker

Troy’s role as secretary is to keep the records of the group and record minutes of the Board meetings. 

Treasurer/Media: Rene Averett

As Treasurer, Rene tracks the HSW’s money and keeps the membership rolls. Her Media duties are to edit the HSW newsletter, update the web site, and work to get information about the group out to interested writers. You can contact Rene at

Rene blogs regularly on her Skinny Girl Bistro site where she shares information about low-carb foods, living a low-carb lifestyle, and many recipes. Her first self-published book was a low carb recipe book. Since then she has published several novels under two pen names, one for fantasy and science fiction and one for suspense romance.