HSW Authors

High Sierra Writers boasts quite a few published authors. The books below are representative of some of the works completed by our members. They are listed by category and author. To learn more or find purchase information about each book, click on the book image.

Fantasy / Science Fiction / Horror / Paranormal

Matthew Bayan


Brian Cave

Book Cover: Old School Evil

L.F. Falconer


 D.M. Stoddard   


Marie Navarro

Book Cover image - A Bridge in the Forest      Book Cover A Secret in the Forest      Image; Moonlight in the Forest Book Cover     

Lillian I Wolfe


 Book Cover: A Song of Redemption                Photo: Book image     Image: Time Walker by Lillian I. Wolfe

Romance / Erotica / Suspense Romance / Historical Romance

Lynda Bailey


Riona Kelly

         Photo: Cover- Echoes of the Past 

Elise Manion

Book Cover Elise Manion Jarod's Heart      Book Cover Elise Manion Jason's Princess     


Matthew Bayan

             Book Cover Bayan - Too cool    Book Cover: Blast Radius

J. Lee Taylor


Educational/ Self_Help/ Spiritual

Gina Akao


Nancy Pfaff


Matthew Bayan




Jacci Turner


Children / Middle Grade 

Rene Averett

 Link to Amazon      Book Image - Storm Squad Rising   

Sue Hauth

Image: A Hamster's Tale


Jacci Turner



Stacey York

Cover: Crazy Cat, Fraidy Cat

Young Adult

Jacci Turner


Photo: Book Cover "Snapped"

Cookbooks /Diet / Do It Yourself / Hobbies

Rene Averett

           Image: Cover Magic Muffins for a Low Carb Lifestyle     Image: LC15 3-in-1 Cover - Cookbook