Critique Groups

Linda Enos is the HSW Critique Group wrangler. She will assist members in finding a critique group in the desired genre and help to set up a new group. Critique groups are a great benefit of being a High Sierra member as your group partners can help you to find problems in your story or your writing and make it better. You will do likewise for them. You need to be open to constructive criticism and suggestions as well as being open-minded and fair in your critiques as well. 

To get on a critique group list or ask about one, contact Linda Enos at:

Linda will be leading a discussion about critique groups, how to give and receive critiques, and more at the next HSW Meeting on January 11th. If you want to know more or get into an HSW critique group, then plan to attend the meeting.

She will also be going over the plans for her new monthly critique group that will be held after the regular HSW meeting or on an alternate date if the room is not available. 

Information Sheets:

Two Sheets are available online that you can print from the screen or refer to as needed that outline details about critiques and the new group.