Critique Groups

Linda Enos is the HSW Critique Group wrangler. She will assist members in finding a critique group in the desired genre and help to set up a new group. Critique groups are a great benefit of being a High Sierra member as your group partners can help you to find problems in your story or your writing and make it better. You will do likewise for them. You need to be open to constructive criticism and suggestions as well as being open-minded and fair in your critiques as well. 

To help Linda in placing people in groups, we have a list showing our current groups, if they are accepting new members, and a list of people looking for a critique group.

Critique Groups

If there is contact info on a group you’d like to join, feel free to make the connection. If there is no contact info, that group is currently closed.

Genre: Any             Open to New: Yes             Frequency: Weekly
Contact: Matt
Details: Drop-in group, come as often as you’d like or whenever you need it. Writing is read aloud (not pre-read by group). MUST contact Matt to let him know if you plan to come, then he will let you know by meeting date if it is on that week!

Genre: SF/F             Open to New: No           Frequency: 2x/month
Contact: Mark

Genre: Fiction          Open to New: No          Frequency: Weekly
Contact: Charles

Genre: SF/F/YA       Open to New: No         Frequency: Monthly
Contact: Nicole

Genre: Romance      Open to New: No          Frequency: Monthly
Contact: Sue

Genre: Fiction       Open to New:  No             Frequency : Monthly
Contact: Jodie

Genre: YA/SF/contemp.    Open to New: No       Frequency: 2x/month
Contact: Rachel

Genre: Finish       Open to New: Yes                Frequency: Monthly
Details: Full novel FINISH GROUPS are always forming! Contact us now to get a beta reader group for your manuscript.

Genre: Mystery     Open to New: Yes             Frequency: 2x/month
Contact: Jerry
Details: Mystery Writers group is open to adding one or two more members. If interested, contact Jerry for details and next meeting date.


Genre: Memoir    Open to New: YES                 Frequency: 1st Saturday Monthly
Contact: Alice Brook                                             Read Aloud – 9:30 am
                                                                                  TMCC Red Mountain Building


Genre: History/ AU Open to New: No              Frequency: TBD
Contact: Bobby
Details: Alternate Universe history group.

Genre: Children  – Open to New: Yes              Frequency: Monthly
Contact: Sue Hauth 
Details: Children’s books critique group

Genre: Fiction Cult  – Open to New: Yes           Frequency: Monthly
Contact: Danielle 
Details: Deals with characters forced into a cult-like village that is run by a rich man, and they are trapped. It has drama, a bit of mystery. 

Genre: Urban fantasy/ Paranormal  Open to new: Yes     Frequency: Monthly
Contact: Donna – contact Nicole at
Details: Donna plans for a read aloud group where you critique on the spot. If interested, contact Nicole, who will pass your email to Donna.



Contact  to put your name ON or take your name OFF this list

 Looking for Group

       O=On-going  F=Finish Group

Genre              O or F     Name               Contact                                     Details

Children’s Lit       O           Sebiya                     Contact for info

Christian Fiction  O          Karla            Open to reading
                                                                                                                            other genres

Fantasy                  O          Christine    After HSW Mtg. or 

Memoir/Faith      O          Tim Post             Contact for info

Fiction                   F           Tapo                             Women’s lit finish 

Erotic Fiction      O           Erin        Contact for Info

Mystery                O           Jay Levitt                    Must be weekend

YA/Sci Fi             O           Bettina     Afternoons/evenings

Sci-Fi                   O            Megan                       Open


If you’re looking for a group:

  1. Check to see if a group that fits your needs is already meeting AND open to new members. If so – contact the lead person and discuss the possibility of you joining them.
  2. If no group is open that meets your needs, then check the list of those looking for a group to see if one or more people would be a good fit. Contact them if so!
  3. If you find no group, and no match (or not enough people to form a group), then contact Linda at  to get your name on the list for others to see.

How to form a Critique Group:

  1. Connect with the other potential members by email
  2. SOMEONE needs to lead the charge and suggest a meeting time/place (house, coffee shop, B&N, park, etc.)
  3. First meeting can be to just introduce yourselves, or read aloud a sample page for critique, or pre-pass around a selection to be read in advance and get cracking with critiquing!
  4. Update Critique Group Wrangler Linda with your new group details so you can be taken off the ‘looking’ list, and put on the ‘group’ list, either as open for new members or not.