2018-2019 Novel Writing Contest

HSW 2018 Manuscript Contest

Winner will have his/her manuscript submitted to a Big 5 acquiring editor.

Entry deadline is the August 2019 meeting.
Four finalists will be announced at the September 2019 meeting.
Winner will be announced at the October 2019 meeting.
Open to PAID members of High Sierra Writers ONLY.


Submission Guidelines

1. You must submit pages – in this order—Cover sheet with name and title. Query letter (including word count and genre), 3-paragraph blurb, and the first four pages of your manuscript. Pages are to be stapled, not paper clipped, together.

2. Manuscript must be 100% complete by the August meeting.

3. You must use 12 pt size Times New Roman (or similar) font and have 1-inch margins, single-spaced.

4. Minimum length of finished manuscript is 70,000 words for adult fiction; 65,000 for YA, and a maximum length of 100,000 words.

5. We’re not accepting previously published works, traditional or independent.

6. We’re not accepting non-fiction, memoirs, biographies, middle grade or younger.

7. You must state your manuscript’s genre and sub-genre on your query letter. This means you can’t simply say “Romance;” it needs to be classified as Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, et.

8. I strongly encourage you to participate in a critique group and have your work edited.

9. You must use your legal name – no pennames. In the query, be sure to state if you have an agent representing you.

10. You must hand in a hard copy—no electronic submissions.

11. To determine the final winner, the four finalists may be asked to turn in additional chapters.

Questions or concerns, contact Donna Stegman dstegman@me.com