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Next HSW Meeting 

October 9 at 10 am at Scheels! 

Our October meeting will be at Scheels. Masks are required and the seating should give us adequate space to spread out socially. We will still  have an online  meeting, using Google Meet. We will post the link later this week. 

Special Guest: Award-winning author Tony Broadbent

Don’t miss this one.

Our guest October 9 will be award-winning British author, Tony Broadbent. Tony’s career includes writing for TV, radio, and movies. His post-WW2 series of mystery novels about a master thief in London (the Smoke series) has won awards for historical novels.

His fictionalized Beatles mystery, One After 9:09, is a fascinating mix of Beatles fact and fiction. His most recent book is non-fiction: The Beatles in Liverpool, Hamburg, and London. With Tony’s experience in early British rock and roll as a resident of London, he provides a fascinating look at the Fab Four before they became the Fab Four.

Straddling fiction and non-fiction, Tony has a unique perspective on storytelling in both worlds.

We’ll talk craft, the importance of setting, and how to hold a reader’s interest. And if we’re lucky, Tony, as the great raconteur that he is, might tell us a couple backstage stories about the birth of rock and roll in England.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Matt will be doing First Pages at this meeting.  If you have a first page you would like feedback on, please send it by Friday  October 8th to MattBayan@aol.com  For easy reading, please use 12 point Times New Roman and double space.  Do not include your name on the page, but indicate the genre. 

How to Connect with Our Google Meet meeting

Here’s the simplest way to join the meeting no matter what hardware you are using:
Go to Google.com (from any browser) and click on the menu of Google services.
Click on the icon for Google Meet. You’ll see a box: ENTER A CODE OR LINK.

Link to be posted soon. 

Direct link to the Google Meet:

To go to the meeting, click on the link below:

On the right of the box, click JOIN.
You will enter Google Meet. On the right, click on ASK TO JOIN.
On the lower left, make sure your audio and video is on. The default is MUTE, so you need to activate audio and video.
For those with an Apple phone, our understanding is that if you go through Google.com, you should be able to enter.
If you do a dry run anytime between now and the meeting to be sure you’ll be able to connect. You’ll get to the meeting screen, but you’ll get a message: YOU CAN’T JOIN THIS CALL. That’s because nobody is in the room to let you in. If you succeed in getting this far, you should have no trouble entering on the day of the meeting.
You can also join by phone (audio only)
(US) +1 828-539-0381 (PIN: 438524734)


The 2021 Writing Contest deadline is coming up quickly. We initially stated October 15th as the deadline, but we’re extending it to the end of October to give everyone a little more time to polish your work.

If you’ve completed your entry or entries, you can submit them anytime now. In fact, you can bring your entry to our meeting at Scheels in September or in October. Be sure to put your story and your entry form in an envelope or on a flash drive or CD if you’re handing it to either Rene or Troy at the meeting.  You may pay your entry fee(s) for the category at the meeting via check or send it through PayPal.

Or you may enter by emailing your entry to RPAverett@gmail.com with a subject line of Contest Entry. Payment buttons are on the website at

As of this writing, we are still working on the judges for the contest. 

New Book Release!

High Sierra Writers has quite a few published writers in the group. We have a page featuring the various books grouped by author under genre. These are under HSW Writers link. As our authors release new books, we’ll feature them here . 

On Oct. 11, Gavin Black’s novel, Crop Burner: The Tale Of Fearn & The Deamhon, will be released on Amazon. This is an imaginative fantasy novel. Here’s a shortened description from the Amazon page.

Despite his humble farming roots, Fearn displays incredible powers. Blessed by Dainua to harness the strength of every soul surrounding him, he’s known as an Asinta. But Fearn finds he is distrusted by the superstitious villagers, even his own father. Only his mentor believes in him. 

 When wickedness arrives, Fearn discovers the cost of love and loyalty, and of hate and betrayal. In venturing to save his land, he runs the risk of losing himself as deamhons play for keeps.

The book is available now for preorder at this link

Please support our authors by reading and reviewing their books. 


Please send any snail mail payments or correspondence to: 

High Sierra Writers
PO Box 12241
Reno, NV 89510


Looking for a group of writers to read and critique your work? Willing to reciprocate? Then we might have a group for you.

Please check out our Critique Groups page for more information. This is a member benefit.

Contact Linda, your Critique Group Wrangler, to join a Reno-based group this year! lynda.r.bailey@gmail.com. 


Do you have a finished manuscript which needs just one more round of critiques before being sent off to the agent? Then contact me, Linda Enos, at lynda.r.bailey@gmail.com

 As a reminder, in a FM group, you take a month to read/critique a story, sharing your comments and suggestions at the end. Each story gets one month. 

If you have any questions, let me know!



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