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Upcoming Event

 If you have any questions about our upcoming events, please email Programs at programs@highsierrawriters.org.

 This event is free from 10 am to noon and open to the public.  The remainder of the workshop is paid. Read on for details.


Saturday, December 08  at 10 A.M. 

At the South Valleys Library (15650 Wedge Pkwy Reno, NV 89511)

The High Sierra Writers Meeting is  DECEMBER 08 from 10 a.m. to noon at the South Valleys Library, 15650 Wedge Pkwy, Reno, NV 89511. Come early to get a good parking spot, even though the library doesn’t open until 10 a.m. (The time may be extended for this meeting. Check back for details.)


Whether you’ve been polishing a book for the past year or just wrote 50,000 words participating in NaNo, how would you like to get tips from people who work as editors? Part of our December meeting will be hands-on editing using your pages. Bring in a piece of dialogue that’s causing you trouble. Bring in a sequence that doesn’t feel right. First Pages? Yes, bring them in too.

Pacing, character development, plot arcs, dialogue, description, and cutting bloat will be some of the issues we attack.

We’ll show you how to break down your manuscript to filter for specific problems, then correct them.

We’ll also show before and after examples of bad writing boosted by good editing and rewriting.

The goal is to get your manuscript as polished as possible.


Last month, at the Michael Grumley self-publishing workshop, we didn’t have time for the demonstration on how to use Amazon tools to build the final version of your book and then upload it. We’ll do this at the December meeting in real-time and walk through all the steps to upload a book. We’ll show how to classify your book and enter information that will help you sell more books. The live demo will take us to the step where we’re ready to push the “Publish” button.


And don’t forget, we’re hoping to bring Grammar Girl, Mignon Fogarty, back for a hands-on, all-day workshop centered around social media and how to use these media to market books. Her availability window is March 2019. Cost will be $30 for HSW members and $50 for non-members. If interested email Linda Enos at enoslinda@sbcglobal.net.

Due to the lead-time needed to book Mignon, we need to make this scheduling decision by the end of this month. You don’t have to register now, but we need to know that we have a minimum number of members interested, or we can’t proceed with the booking. So, please respond ASAP.


Looking for a group of writers to read and critique your work? Willing to reciprocate? Then we might have a group for you.

Please check out our Critique Groups page to see which groups might have an opening or to get on the list to be placed in a group. This is a member benefit.

Contact Nicole, your Critique Group Wrangler, to join a Reno-based group in 2018!  cgwrangler@highsierrawriters.org